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Turn To Trusted Attorneys For Estate Planning Guidance

Estate planning is an important process for a person who wishes to protect their assets and who wishes to take care of loved ones in the face of an uncertain future. By establishing a comprehensive estate plan, you can also make your wishes known regarding future medical treatment and end-of-life care.

While the process of creating an estate plan may seem complex, the attorneys at Ibold & O’Brien are here to make it simple and straightforward for you. With law offices in Chardon and Orwell, we have extensive experience guiding individuals and families in the creation of:

In creating an estate plan, you have many important decisions to make. We are here to provide the insight and guidance you need to make the right decisions for you and your loved ones.

Guiding You Through The Probate Process

The loss of a loved one is accompanied by a number of complex legal and financial hurdles. Our lawyers can guide you through all aspects of the probate and estate administration process, ensuring that you meet your obligations regarding expenses, taxes, and claims and that the provisions of the will are properly carried out.

We will also protect your rights in the event disputes between family members, beneficiaries, fiduciaries or other parties arise.

Protecting The Rights And Well-Being Of Elders

As our family members grow older, they often require special legal planning in regard to long-term care planning, Medicaid planning, asset management and other matters. Elders who are subject to physical or financial abuse also need a trusted legal ally on their side.

We are committed to protecting the rights of elders in Ohio and can provide you with the skilled guidance and advocacy you need to navigate elder law issues.

Contact Us For Trusted Legal Guidance

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