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Cuyahoga DUI/OVI Defense Lawyers

Ibold & O’Brien defends clients throughout Northeast Ohio in cases involving drunk driving, or Operating a Vehicle while Impaired (OVI). We are highly experienced defense attorneys, and we know to present a strong defense to OVI charges.

Drunk Driving Charges In Ohio

DUI/OVI defense should begin as soon as possible. As soon as you are arrested or charged, you need to contact an attorney. You only have seven days to appeal the automatic Administrative License Suspension after being arrested for OVI. We can help you try to retain your driving privileges, or obtain the right to drive for occupational, medical or educational purposes.

We handle every aspect of DUI/OVI defense, from the initial appearance to the completion of the court process. We handle issues involving licensing, insurance, plea negotiation and trial. We verify all the facts of the cases and check to see that law enforcement followed all laws, rules and regulations. Whatever your case requires, we will be there to give you the professional representation you deserve.

One of our goals in any DUI/OVI defense is to reduce the charges and minimize or eliminate the penalties for the offense. We can refer you to the appropriate professionals for drug and alcohol assessments. For first-time offenders, we can help with a Driver Intervention Program. We will explore your options and tailor a defense to fit your situation.

Contact A Drunk Driving Defense Attorney

An attorney can make a large difference in the final disposition of your case. By investigating the case and making sure the arresting officer did their job, we can protect your rights. We can investigate whether there was a legal stop, sufficient evidence to request the test, and whether the administration of the test itself was proper. Please contact the DUI/OVI defense lawyers at Ibold & O’Brien regarding any DUI/OVI or alcohol-related crime. Our lawyers can be reached by phone at our Chardon office (440-607-5228) or our Orwell office (440-437-5295).