Who pays for your bar fight injuries?

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Dim lighting, a refreshing alcoholic beverage and good company make bars a great place to let loose and unwind. However, alcohol can sometimes cloud judgment, leading individuals to make regrettable choices. Spotting a few rowdy patrons or others dozing after one too many drinks is typical. But what happens when those poor decisions escalate into a bar fight that injures you?

When a night out turns into a fight

Alcohol can provoke different types of behaviors and emotions in people. If someone drinks too much, they could become sleepy, loud, or aggressive. An unintentional shove or the wrong look can quickly escalate into a misunderstanding and trigger a fight.

People might start fighting with their fists, smashing bottles and using whatever they can grab to cause damage. The chaos of a brawl can result in severe injuries: broken jaws, stab wounds, broken limbs, facial cuts and even traumatic brain injuries. However, it is not just those throwing punches who are at risk. Too often, innocent bystanders find themselves hurt as well.

If you are hurt after a bar fight, it is your right to take legal action against those responsible. The person who hit you should be liable. However, a closer look at your case may reveal that others are also accountable for what happened.

The responsibilities of bar owners

Bar fight lawsuits often involve multiple parties, including the fight participants, the bar owner and any victims. Bar owners have a duty to keep patrons safe from foreseeable harm under premises liability law. Prudent bar owners should deal with known safety risks, such as slippery floors or unsafe staircases. To address troublemakers and minimize fights, many bars hire bouncers and ban patrons with a history of violence.

In addition, bar owners carry special responsibilities under the state’s dram laws. They must not serve alcohol to individuals who are visibly intoxicated or underage. They could be responsible for any injuries or damage that result from breaking the law.

You may be entitled to compensation

Whether a participant or innocent bystander, you can pursue compensation for your injuries and other damages. Winning a bar fight injury lawsuit, however, requires having strong evidence. You must prove that the bar owner neglected their responsibilities and that the other party caused your injuries.

Consider working with a personal injury lawyer. They can help you determine a fair compensation amount, collect evidence and build a compelling case on your behalf.

Remember, a fun night out can quickly turn into a violent situation. Stay alert when you’re out drinking and don’t hesitate to call for help to minimize your risk of harm.