The impact an OVI can have on your future

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If you have ever seen the flashing lights of a law enforcement vehicle in your rearview mirror, you understand the fear and uncertainty that can come with a traffic stop. If police initiated this traffic stop due to suspicion of intoxicated driving, they may ask you to submit to field sobriety tests and possibly a chemical test to determine your blood alcohol content. An arrest for drunk driving and formal charges represents a grave threat to your future. 

Drunk driving can bring a range of consequences to your life, from time behind bars to loss of your driving privileges. Even if it is your first offense, an OVI in Ohio can alter the course of your future. A conviction of this type of criminal offense can leave a permanent mark on your criminal record, as well as other effects that can impact every area of your life. It is critical to take your situation seriously, regardless of your criminal history. 

The long-term impact of drunk driving 

A drunk driving conviction can negatively affect more than just your personal freedom and ability to drive. While it is a personal matter, it will impact different areas of your life, including possibly your professional life. Some of the penalties and consequences you could face after your OVI include the following: 

  • You will find that your auto insurance rates go up, adding to the other expenses associated with a drunk driving arrest.  
  • An OVI could affect your career and future opportunities, especially if you must drive as part of your job requirements. 
  • It could harm your reputation, causing issues in your relationships at home and at your place of work. 
  • A drunk driving conviction could lead to a suspension or revocation of your license. This could impact your ability to get to work, school and meet daily needs. 
  • A conviction will show up on your criminal record when potential employers or others run a background check on you. 
  • An OVI could impact an ongoing custody case, and it could affect your family in other ways you have not yet considered. 

It is important to take the potential implications of an OVI seriously. Whether it is your first offense or you have previous convictions on your record, you will benefit from seeking guidance regarding the defense options available to you. With the right support, you can effectively confront the case against you and possibly mitigate any potential penalties you are up against.